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CHICAGO OFFICE: 440 N. Wells Street, Suite 330, Chicago, IL

PHONE: 312.961.5424

RALEIGH-DURHAM OFFICE: 5000 Centre Green Way, Suite 500, Cary, NC

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FV & FMV Valuation is an independent provider of valuation opinions, financial advisory and consulting services, founded by Michael Szymanski. FV & FMV has two office locations and is headquartered in Chicago.

We are independent. Our firm has no conflicts of interest and no acceptance committees. As a result, we are able to make decisions and adapt to changes quickly throughout the engagement process. We operate at a fast pace, and our independence and experience allows us to guarantee timely results that meet your needs.

We focus on valuation. Our firm specializes in valuation services and has over 30 years of experience in the field, including over eight years of valuation experience in the Big Four. We have extensive valuation experience in annual goodwill impairment testing, the valuation of definite and indefinite lived intangible assets, purchase price allocations, valuations of complex securities, and discount studies. FV & FMV is a full-service one-stop shop with experts also available in real and personal property valuation. Our firm values continuing education and currently holds ASA, CPA/ABV, and MBA credentials. Our expertise allows you to choose FV & FMV for all of your valuation needs, now and in the future.

We stand for quality and integrity. We perform rigorous internal quality control checks on every engagement, centralized through our Chicago headquarters. Our founder personally reviews and signs-off on every engagement. All of our communication with you and the data you provide is kept strictly confidential. We promise to uphold or exceed the ethical standards set by our industry and never compromise our integrity.

We are available and engaged. We are committed to communicating with you throughout the valuation process, so you are able to be as hands-on as you prefer. Our team is available at every level, and we encourage our clients to reach out at any time. You are important to us, so we do not track or charge for routine phone calls and e-mails. We encourage and expect our clients to use us as a resource, whether or not we are actively working on an engagement.

We streamline the audit process. Our team has extensive experience coordinating with external auditors from all of the Big Four firms, as well as mid- and small-tier firms. In addition to valuation experience at the Big Four, our founder has Big Four experience on the audit review side as a valuation specialist, working with the audit team to review other firms’ valuations and communicate findings with the audit team and the client. We are equipped to be as hands-on in the audit process as you prefer, whether coordinating directly with your audit team or working in partnership with you. Our work products are well documented and designed to minimize time spent under audit review, and thus overall valuation and audit fees. This allows us to include the time we spend coordinating with your external auditor in our project fees. Our firm also has experience coordinating directly with the SEC and IRS, and has received referrals from all Big Four accounting firms’, as well as mid-size accounting firms’, audit and valuation teams.

We value our client relationships. FV & FMV forms strong relationships with its clients, who range from small privately-held businesses to Fortune 1000 companies. FV & FMV has long-standing relationships with many publicly-traded firms who worked with FV & FMV while they were still privately-held.

FV & FMV Valuation
Chicago Office

440 N. Wells Street, Suite 330
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Phone: 312.961.5424 email: hr@fvfmv.com

Raleigh-Durham Office

5000 Centre Green Way, Suite 500
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: 919.228.6325 email: hr@fvfmv.com

phone: 312.961.5424

phone: 919.228.6325