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FV & FMV Valuation is an independent valuation firm with strong leadership and technical capabilities to meet all of your valuation and business advisory needs. By selecting FV & FMV, you can be certain that your valuation services provider has:

Strong relationships with our clients. We value each of our client relationships and have developed a vast network of touch points within each of our client’s organizations. This network allows us to better navigate complex valuation issues and generate the data necessary to support and document our value conclusions. We have long-standing relationships with large public companies as well as smaller privately-held companies who trust us to deliver valuable advice and high-quality work.

Goals that are aligned with your strategy. We are a firm that values our clients and their business needs. Our work is not tied to quarterly estimates or revenue growth targets for bonus payments. Rather, our growth is tied to our clients’ growth. We value our role as a trusted partner of our clients and put long-term relationships ahead of short-term profits.

Accessible senior leadership. You will have direct access to the firm’s founder during each engagement and throughout our relationship. Senior leadership is directly involved in defining the scope of the engagement, day-to-day project management, client communication, ensuring each engagement meets rigorous quality checks, and coordinating with the audit team.

A committed, consistent, and collaborative team. You will work with the same core team on each engagement. Your valuation team will partner with your team on various levels, from the CEO and CFO, to vice presidents and accounting managers. This dedicated core team will allow for clear and efficient communication throughout the valuation process.

Our name stands for what we do:

FV – Fair Value

Fair Value measurement has been increasingly important for financial reporting. We provide a quality resource equivalent to the Big Four public accounting firms’ valuation groups. We have been on the review side of a Big Four accounting firm and help clients navigate through audit reviews of Fair Value measurement valuations. We closely monitor the regulatory landscape that influences the development and implementation of rules that have valuation-related implications. Additionally, we are not subject to audit or other independence issues.

FMV – Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value performs objective tax valuations and related consulting in accordance with the regulations and guidance established by the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities. We provide in-depth analysis of fair market value and use valuation methods accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. We generate detailed work product capable of being transmitted to relevant tax authorities.

FV & FMV Valuation
Chicago Office

440 N. Wells Street, Suite 330
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Phone: 312.961.5424 email: hr@fvfmv.com

Raleigh-Durham Office

5000 Centre Green Way, Suite 500
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: 919.228.6325 email: hr@fvfmv.com

phone: 312.961.5424

phone: 919.228.6325